Saturday, 4 April 2015


Hi Everyone,


This message is simply to wish everybody acquainted with my blog a great Easter. 

If you are keeping up with my Face Book page you'll know there's a new catchphrase on the horizon. 

And, I must say it has led to the start of a new book campaign that has quietly taken off. It's called Justice Screams.


This is a new promotional campaign to spread the word about Logan's adventures. It's also come with something really exciting. 

Working with other motivational outfits. 

I know for a fact that a couple of people I intend to work with cannot wait to get started on the whole project. 

I won't reveal all so that the fun in all this isn't tarnished. But watch this space. I promise you one thing. Literally, the world will never be the same again. 


The promotional campaign kicked off quietly on Mother's Day. The Advert ran thus: 

An Inspirational Gift for Mother's Day 

The war against crime is far from over. Justice screams. 

Find out why when you read the award winning mystery thriller Snake Amongst Shadows by Chimaijem Ifeanyi Ezechukwu and published by BIS Publications.

 I'm sure your Mums will enjoy the intrepid exploits of Logan. Stay Safe!

You can find out NOW when you log onto or sign up on the BIS Publications home page


And the same thing applies here right NOW! 

Get the e-book  when you go into my homepage. You won't regret doing that. You can purchase the e-book for just £3.64 Click here!

There will be more news about local authors,views,reviews and interviews on the blog and also on my Face Book and Twitter pages. 

And please do not despair, Logan will return to the thick of it all in an all new mystery, action adventure story I am still working on. If you guys loved the first caper you ain't seen nothing yet. 


On the 6th of March 2015 a new publication was launched by my creative writing group. 

I am proud to say I got put back in print again in this new book called 'It's still a word thing'. 

Even though the book was a group effort seven of my compositions were published.

The book is published by Word Thing Publications and is a compilation of poems and short stories. 

You can also buy that NOW! Copies are available online. Just log onto the homepage which is Christian Bookcase The ISBN is 978-1-910474-03-7. 
Paper backs are available and cost £10 

Spread the word about the 'Justice Screams and Mayhem Walks Campaign'. Stay Safe!

NB:   My next piece will focus on some interview projects. 

Tell you more very soon. 

        I understand some people expected me to do this slot when I had announced this many weeks ago. 

        I  couldn't  due to stipulations in the agreement with my very first client. But apart from all that nothing's changed, 

Her interview will take center stage when the time for all that is right. 

Meanwhile the show must move on. 

And that's what's happened. 

My promotion has moved on with some new interview projects. 

Have a great Easter everyone. And remember live large!