Thursday, 20 September 2018

M.A.W! is Special

The Mechanics of an Adventure Writing workshop dubbed M.A.W! is coming back on November 17 2018 to present another thrilling showcase. And, the venue for this exciting event is at suite 31/32 639 Enterprise Centre in Tottenham London N17 8AA.

This unique creative writing workshop simply focuses and specialises in  ADVENTURE which is a sub-genre of fiction. And that's probably why its been seen as a breath of fresh air since its inception. According to some participants they can't wait to find out what happens next.

So why is M.A.W! special?

It is unique because it not only focuses on adventure fiction it specifically highlights a format for empowerment and knowledge. It equally is an interactive discussion based show that thrives on using communication strategies to reach out to audiences that love the art of story telling.

There are necessities which come in the form of grammar, spelling tests and other relevant tips which nurture the process. And that may include film, using images or doing an array of different tasks that prompt or stimulate the mind.

M.A.W! will be back soon. Just after the BLACK HISTORY month celebrations in October. And if you lot feel you've seen it all. Guess again. You've not seen anything...Yet! For there will be M.A.W! surprises. Hang on tight and get your early bird tickets on EVENTBRITE which will be going live very soon. In fact anytime from now.

Remember the event will be co-hosted by MLB SOLUTIONS LTD.


Friday, 17 August 2018

The 'New Workshop on the Block' is coming back and its RELOADED!

Its official and its been confirmed. 

So put the date in your diaries. 

In conjunction with MLB Solutions Ltd on November 17 2018  the Mechanics of an Adventure Writing Workshop will be hosting another exciting event. 

Now, details about the event will soon be on EVENTBRITE

So, get your Early bird tickets. And, log onto my social media webpages for more information: 

my  LinkedIn page using my full name CHIMAIJEM IFEANYI EZECHUKWU 

This Event is not to be missed! And if you think you've seen everything. Think again. This is RELOADED!

Sunday, 12 August 2018


Hi Gang,

I've just finished watching a television programme on Sky TV on ROK titled Being in Nollywood

Anyway, the programme showcases and follows the careers of five young actors in the Nollywood industry. And, if you really want to know what I think I LOVE the concept simply because it captures raw moments with these five young people. 

They all come from Nigeria in West Africa.  But, above all that, they come from different walks of life.

 One of the young actors is incidentally a hardworking mobile chef, while one of the actresses is married and a young mother. 

Everything about this programme is new, fresh and cool. 

In other words it highlights a different feature for the benefit of those who stand behind or in front of the lens. And more importantly incites progression. So I must say this before l delve into the good news I've got. 

The producer Mary Njoku CEO ROK Studios has done a great job.  And I commend her diverse nature. I really can't wait for her to produce more tv programmes like this. 

Now for the big one. Something exciting is here. 

Rattlesnake fans where ever you are. Watch out for M.A.W!2.0 RELOADED. Its coming.

 On the 28th of July the new workshop on the block M.A.W! not only garnered success on the day of its first outing it propelled the ideal to spur things on. 

 Participants who attended the Adventure writing workshop just felt this was real value for money. And, actually demanded more features. I call my workshop The Mechanics of an Adventure Writing Workshop. But, I've dubbed it M.A.W! for short.

So, after deliberations with my esteemed co host W. Livingston Gilchrist of MLB Solutions Ltd the final verdict is this: The 'new workshop on the block' will be coming back. Promotions start soon for the next exciting event.  You won't want to miss M.A.W!2.0 RELOADED.  If you do GOD help us all. 


Monday, 30 July 2018

M.A.W! RULES and participants now ask what's NEXT?

Participants who attended the new sketch show The Mechanics of an Adventure Writing Workshop on Saturday the 28th of July all agreed about one thing. That the workshop was a show stopper. In fact in their own words 'Something mysteriously good and powerful has arrived. And we like it. Give us more. M.A.W!is a thriller!'

A standing ovation was given and a few suggestions were made after the whole session. 

In other words it was great fun. And every recipient believed it was also real value for money. They were  practically empowered and were allowed to interact and ask questions during the session. There was also a slot created for those who wanted to promote their writing or their businesses.

All the recipients felt the programme was well structured and exciting. All round the workshop was brilliant.  So what's next? There will be a follow up. And soon too. So stay tuned.

Stay Safe!

NB; The photographs taken on the day are yet to be published. Live Large!

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

The Myth of the Snake is BACK for good reason... on M.A.W!

The Myth of the Snake is BACK for good reason on my new Adventure writing workshop called The Mechanics of an Adventure Writing Workshop. This is because I intend to use it to resurrect some old projects. And explore some new ones. All the ideas I've got make a great fit with my Y2K Social Media Book Promotion. And, other publishing plans.

Anyway, find out more about all this when you sign up on Event Brite. Make your way to the venue of the event which is on Saturday at 639 Enterprise Centre N17 8AA on Tottenham High Road. Remember the event doesn't start till 10.30 am and ends at 4.30pm. 

Sign up with M.A.W! and come and have fun. And, value for your money.


Friday, 29 June 2018


Hi Gang,

How far are YOU willing to go in order get your adventure stories noticed and self-published? And, how far are YOU willing to go to portray your brave new world?

The theme is ADVENTURE. The idea is yours.

The responsibility to accomplish this aim is simply up to you. So thrive on your motivation to succeed.  You'll need to because you will be on the edge of your seat when you sign up with M.A.W! And you'll need to understand another thing. The secrets and ideals of the genre you're interested in when you attend this unique workshop.

M.A.W! means the Mechanics of an Adventure Writing Workshop and you can sign up now when you  go on Event-Brite. Just type in the words 'adventure writing' and you'll find the advert.

There will be lessons to learn, discussions and fun activities to do.

The  Event will take place on Saturday the 28th July 2018 at the 639 Enterprise Centre N17 8AA in collaboration with MLB Solutions a community organisation that enables others do well in their pursuits and encourages business start ups. 

The workshop starts at 10.30 to 4.30. There will also be REFRESHMENTS.  

So spread the news about this showcase and sign up. Now!

Be as wise as the serpent and sign up with M.A.W!  And one more thing the Expendable PI will RETURN...soon.